Thursday, February 7, 2008

When the mans away the girl will play.

David has been gone since Sunday, so here is a list of some of the things I have done in his absence:

1. Bought Tre his entire winter wardrobe for next year at Heartstrings outlet, 80% off, including this sweater, which he will love!! (This next line is something only a woman will understand- at the bottom of the receit it says how much you saved today "$404.00"! Woo Hoo)
2. Bought myself some Hawaii clothes! Including these super cute shoes.
3. Helped a friend redesign her home.
4. Started a business (actually we haven't started anythign yet. But my friend Shanna and I are playing around with a fun idea! More details to come.)
5. Started excersising again.
6. Started tanning for Hawaii (I know, you don't need to lecture me.)
And the icing on the cake...
7. I got my nose pierced... 5 or six times! (It's a long story, but the short of it is this, I got it pierced, then it swole so much that it pulled the ring into my nose and healed, and they had to get it out with plyers (after several unsuccesful attempts at using his fingers, poking it through with a needle, and a q-tip), and then repierce it several times! Ahhhh! All this with Tre on my lap. I felt sort of like how I imagine Brittany Speers being with her children. Laying in a tatoo shop with my son on my lap he was saying "WOOOOOWWWWW! as they are continually shoving needles through my nose, it was awesome! Tre is friends with the owner of the shop now, he calls him Lar and they always high five. I told "Lar" when we left I hope I don't see him again any time soon, two days in a row is QUITE enough! Lar gave Tre several fake tatoos and took pictures for his wall.)

I will post pictures once David get's home and sees it, it is a total suprise, he doesn't know anything about it! This will definitely caution him to leave me alone for so long again, I had way too much fun!


  1. You did it!!! I can't wait to see it.

  2. awesome!!! my nose piercing was actually brent's valentine's day present to me one year! i loved it!! Especially b/c he would NEVER do something like that himself, so I knew he was appreciating something about me that's different than him.

    And wow! you're on it for buying all next year's clothes already!

  3. Wow can I come hang out next time he leaves town? What a fun week! :)

  4. When are you guys going to Hawaii? I didn't know this!