Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Sunday was a memory stone day for us. 2 Dedications:
1. Tre was dedicated at our church.

2. Nathan and Brooke Headley, the new youth pastors were Dedicated (introduced actually) to the church!

Tre's dedication was so special. Lot's of famiy was able to be there including both sets of grandparents, my sister and her hubby, and my aunt and uncle and my cousins Davis and Hannah. It was such a special day.

I found myself looking around the church though seeing so many people that I wantd up there with us, besides our blood family, we have so many people in our lives that will parent Tre with us as he grows and develops! People who support us, give us advice, laugh with us, discipline us, but mostof all just lov eon our little guy. I can't imagine trying to parent Tre without such a huge family around us to support us. Thank you so much to all of you, you know who you are, your friendship, love, prayers support, free babysitting, hugs, and tears are priceless to us. And I can't imagine our life without you.

At our church Dedicating your child is basiclaly when you say that you are dedicating yourself to binging them up in the church and asking for your church family to support you in rasing them! Pastor JR prayed over Tre and then he prayed for us as parents, which I truly cherished.

Some days I am overwhelmed with the magnitude of responsibilty and trust God has put in me by making me Tre's mom. It is such a huge thing! There are days when I find myself praying hourly for more patience, wisdom, and creativity! Tre is so full of life, personality, love, trust, curiosity, hope, and potential, it is scary when you really think about it, and yet sucha privligedge. I always thought it rather cheesy when parents would say they found it a privlidge to be a parent to their child, but I guess I understand that now. It is a privlidge to be a part of something way bigger than yourself. And that's how I feel about Tre, I feel like he might possibly take the world for Jesus one day! I am very privlidged to be apart of his life. And I pray that God continues to pour out wisdom, patience, and creativity as we parent him.

And Nathan and Brooke were introduced at church. We are so excited that they are here and for the new chapter they are beginning for the youth at The Rock! Pastor JR allowed us to come up and pray for them, it was such an honor. Heres to new beginnings, we dedicated our son this weekend, we helped ushure in the new youth pastors this weekend, had our first Thailand orphan trip meeting with over 30 youth, and we opened up a new chapter in our lives! Here we go!

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  1. oh i missed BOTH dedications! i was in the preschool wing for both services. Sorry I missed it, but congrats!!!
    I may just have to try your mojito! I've never had a mojito but this one sounds enticing!