Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You know your house wife if...

You find your self telling your husband that for your birthday you want this. I have been coveting, yearning for, and lusting over Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies for quite some time now. Every time I pass them in the aisle at Whole Foods I get excited. So last time we were there I picked up a brochure about Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies. I read the whole thing to David and put it on our fridge. I just want them! Here are some of the reasons why you need Mrs. Meyers:
1. Naturally Fresh Fragrance
- all of our fragrances are inspired by our own gardens
-clean your entire home in one singular fragrance

2. Cruelty FREE-no testing on animals

3. Earth Friendly Ingredients

  • no chlorine bleach, ammonia or phosphates

  • biodegradable, concentrated formulations

  • natural essential oils and safe synthetics for fragrance

  • renewable raw materials from plant derived resources

  • minimal preservatives

4. Recyclable Packaging

  • all bottles and closures can be recycled and reused where facilities exist.

So yesterday David surprised me and bought me tons of geranium supplies! I was so excited to use them I came home and cleaned the rest of the day. And my house smells absolutely wonderful! We got a few products of the different scents as well and I love all of them! I have never enjoyed cleaning like I do now! This morning, in the midst of my kitchen remodel I found my self trying to clean off the counters so I could use my new counter top spray on them!

They smell wonderful and are so fun to use, plus I have been researching the dangers of normal household cleaners and found out some really crazy stuff! Here are some things that can be contributed to the use of bad cleaners in your home:

1. asthma


3. air quality in your home can be 100% worse than the air outside of the home!

Needless to say we are going all natural from now on. Check out these links to learn more about the dangers of household cleaners.




I'll let you know if Tre's eczema disappears soon! (I've ordered some shacklee's too, check 'em out.)

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  1. Hey- this is Brit's friend Bess. I am so excited about these products!!! Thanks for posting them! I got your site from Brit's- so great to read, very inspiring :)