Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Work Day

Today is the day that comes every week in which Tre goes to my bestest bud Laurie's house so I can "work". This concept makes me smile every Tuesday when I drop him off. Because although Tuesday's is officially my VisionAir day of work, to me it feels like the most welcome day of rest! A day in which I dictate my schedule, when I take a shower (alone, without an 18 month old throwing dinosaurs at me and wanting me to hold him under the water for hours at a time), I even get to decide when and what I eat (I try to eat a very sophisticated lunch, something that I could not eat with an 18 month old around, like a spicy chili and I always leave my food on the coffee table for a couple hours, with a full glass of water just because I can, it won't get knocked over, eaten, spilled, splashed, thrown, or even fed to the dog.) I also try to call as many people as possible and just chat away as I hear their kids screaming in the background, just to remind my self how lucky I am for these few hours. I always pick up the house and vacuum and light candles and put them in low lying areas. And then of course, I do my work, which seems like such a relief. But by the time five o'clock or so rolls around, and I am on my way to cardio salsa with the girls I am truly missing my little whirlwind of a boy. I always call to make sure he is doing good and I hear him crashing trucks in the background, banging pots, and chasing the "keekee" (kitty) all around, and I smile as I sit in traffic on my way to castle rock, alone, with the radio loud enough to hurt an infants ears, on a channel in which the topic of discussion is not appropriate for a child who is beginning to repeat everything he hears, and eating whatever I can cause I don't have to share it, and I especially don't worry about how long I will be sitting here before he starts to go nuts. I even find that on my "work days", traffic is a welcome thing, because it is almost relaxing to sit in traffic without an 18 month old.
Working is such a funny concept. Mom's are the hardest workers in the history of mankind, being a stay at home mom is the most difficult job one person could ever have. The amount of time, energy, prayers, patience, blood, sweat and tears that goes into being a mom is something that will not be notably rewarded until we get to heaven. And no man will ever understand what it takes, and that's okay, I almost like it better that way, it is a bond that we women share, something that we can understand about each other. I think the hardest thing about being a mom is staying engaged. At whatever level your at with your kids, staying engaged. Getting down on their level and caring, working on your parenting skills, and treating it like a job in which if I study this, if I research this, if I get by in, if I get advice, etc. than I will excel at this! That is the hardest part. So today, on my "work day", I am going to read the next chapter in my parenting book, so that tomorrow when the real work begins again, I can engage a little more.
So I must go and "work". Ahhhhhhh, Tuesdays!


  1. i would like to point out to everyone in the world that I married the most beautiful and inteligent woman that ever walked the earth. Just her fresh perspective on life is encouraging to sooo many. She illuminates the hearts of people and still is able to shed light on the dark areas that we all have, all in a loving way, yeah for amanda, may all other men be able to cope with their loss, I am BLessed!

  2. honestly David, your comments are a bit embarassing!