Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things are broken

Things are breaking in my house, some very mysteriously, some not-so-mysteriously.
1. All of my picture frames on my newly decorated stair well display, they have all been thrown or dropped down the stairs by this little man that runs around my house destroying things (you guys might have seen him before, he is rather cute).

2. My kitchen- I took it apart to paint the cabinets, and it won't go back together right! (It might be me though!)

3. My favorite plant, a Narcissus that I got at a white elephant exchange, this is the only plant that I have ever grown all on my own, with no snafu's... until a couple days ago. I take it out side in the morning for the bright sunshine, and then about three nights ago at 2:30 am I woke up suddenly and jumped out of bed, ran up stairs, and out onto the deck, to find my drooping, frozen, baby! It had just started to bloom... Ever since the accident it has been sitting on our desk, I had hope it would warm back up and thrive, I didn't think I could get it this far to loose it right before all the blooms came out, unfortunately, I think it is too late for any hope.

Why is it that I love flowers so much, I love gardens, I love everything about gardening and yet I have never ever grown anything! I always kill EVERYTHING! Please pray that God supernaturally increases my green thumb! (PS- ANY tips would be appreciated!)

4. Everything that was once on my mantel. In the past few weeks Tre has decided that he should pull off the lights that aer on the mantel (Christmas lights). The VERY big problem with this is that they are wrapped all around my display, which once consisted of many Willow Tree Demacado statues, pictures, a HUGE mirror, candles, pine cones, etc. Needless to say all of my Demacado statues have successfully exploded all over our living room, it all culminated tonight with the marriage statue hitting Tre in the head, then bouncing off the stone fireplace where it exploded everywhere, as pine cones just continued to fall from the sky, it took about a minute for it to all stop falling, it even got our bunny ears and stereo to fall off the top of the TV. Tre just stood there yelling UHHH-OHHHHHHHHHH as loud as he possibly could. (When I put him to bed about an hour later he was still saying UH-OH every time he looked at the mantel.)

Hopefully we are done with this streak of breaking things and tonight's little shebang was the grand finale, unfortunately I see in my future more little boys running around my house, and the one who is currently running around my house, only getting more curious and more agile, I might have a long road ahead of me. And I might have to just switch to foam decorations and plexi-glass picture frames (do they even make those?) The joys of being a mom with a crazy cute and curious little boy!

NOTE: Not to make Tre sound like a little distructor here are some of the oh so cute things he's been doing lately.

Since I have been painting we got him a paint brush and he just walks around "painting" everything he can reach.

He also is thoroughly enjoying riding Scout lately.

And has learned how to climb the shelves of the pantry like a ladder so that he can get to his own snacks, today i found him sitting on top of a pile of BBQ chips, the bag thrown in the trash (cause he is very neat and clean and all), his mouth full of chips. When I found him he started yelling CRO-KER over and over again, his new word, cracker!

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  1. tre is amazing... we are grateful for him, cracked up by him, and trying to parent him all at the same time. If it wasn't for his hot mama we would be in deeeeep poo poooo