Friday, December 7, 2007


Over the past few days I have been overwhelmed with the blessings God has poured out on us. I just can't stop smiling and feeling so grateful to God, he is so faithful. Here are some of the things that have just overwhelmed me with gratefulness.

1. My husband- I have the best husband and feel so blessed to have him in my life and be apart of what God is doing in and through him. He is so wise. He is so favored and loved and I am so proud of him for everything he is doing right now.
2. Our business- God has continued to bless our business and every month that we want to get worried about God has supernaturally provided for us above and beyond. Yesterday alone he doubled our management side of the business! In one day God doubled our management clients, all through supernatural ways!
3. My son- I think I have the best little guy out there. He is so fun, so smart, and just the best guy around. Every time I hang out with other kids I realize how blessed I am with Tre.
4. My friends- We have so many wonderful friends and I love having their support and love. I can't imagine my life without my wonderful friends. I can't wait for our all girls new year's party at Linda's!

5. My family- I have an amazing family extended and immediate, we all love each other so much and have so much fun when we are together. I can't wait to go to PA for Christmas and see our Purvis side, but I also can't wait ti ll my cousin Sarah's wedding and Syd to have her first baby! I love big growing fun families!
6. Our Baby sitter and friend Laurie- She watches Tre at least one day a week for me while I am working on our business and home and life in general. And she loves Tre so much, like he is one of her own. Her whole family loves on him and there is no better feeling than having another family to love on and speak in to your child's life. It is such a precious gift to have her and her family in Tre's life. (I over heard her daughter Sarah who is about 9 sticking up for Tre one time at a party, some boys were making fun of him and she told them if they didn't stop she would beat them up and that they were poopy doopy heads. I never felt so much love for any one else's kid until that moment!)
7. And then this long list of little things like:
- Tractors- they keep my son occupied for hours
- My dog Scout
- Our Jeep
- My fun little mountain house in Aurora
- My borrowed sewing machine
- The aquarium
- Christmas lights
- Rosemary Christmas trees
- High Speed Internet
- health
- Big trees
- Dinner with friends
- Friends who you let yourselves in and get your own drinks
- Our pastor JR
- Christmas cards with family pictures
- Hawaii
- When David changes a diaper
- Starbucks
- Digital cameras
- Amy Butler fabrics
- Spell check
- Cottage Living Magazine
- Girl's nights
- Bill Johnson books
- parenting books with humor
- the afternoon radio host's on Alice
- stuffing
- Boston Market
- these prunes individually wrapped that Tre thinks are candy
- Large Mugs
- and so much more
Thank you Lord for blessing me and my family with the big things and the little things, I recognize your hand on our life and I am so thankful for the blessings you pour out.

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  1. Hey sis, this post has reminded me of how blessed I am. The snow, my husband, my family, my wonderful job, my home, our tiny Christmas tree, God's peace and His hugs, being able to go to school, dreaming, hot chocolate, playing board games with my husband, my sweet nephew that brings joy every time I see him or think of him, candles, the smell of laundry, food, our big cozy cloud bed, a big cup of coffee in the morning,my much more. Thank you Amanda, I love my sister...see you soon for Christmas!! Syd