Sunday, November 18, 2007

Coming Soon... (no I'm not pregnant.)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be opening an etsy store November 3oth! This is a BIG deal for us. We are believing for God to supernaturally bless us with the funds to begin our adoption soon, so this is our way, this is our tent making (although I haven't ventured into actual tents yet, there could be a niche for that?!). Please feel free to tell your friends about it and let people do their Christmas shopping there! I have been building my arsenal of sewing creations to fill my store with. There are a couple projects that will not be done in time, so make sure you are checking back constantly. I also have business cards to pass out to everyone so that you can help us spread the word. I have already dontaed the first $100 of sales to our Friend's the Dunn's and their Baby Ethiopia who should be coming home before summer! ALL proceeds from the store will go towards orphan care and adoption. I am wanting to increase our giving to Mai and the orphanage we supprt in Thailand as well as help to raise funds for our and other's adoptions!

This store will have tons of sewing creations by me. Right now I have lot's of baby items, and am working on fun aprons for ladies as well. I am also beginning to make quilts and duvet covers.

Check out etsy and the amazing place that it is, and explore, and be excited for our grand opening! (Here is a link to an amazing necklace in which all proceeds go to africa adoption, sweet christmas present, huh?)

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  1. Yay! Amanda! Can't wait for it to finally open!