Monday, October 15, 2007

My first bag

Here is a few pictures of my first bag. I got the pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing. Except I didn't exactly follow it, now I wish I did! It turned out HUGE! Like suit case huge! But it is great for the all day adventures, like Sunday's! This was my practice bag and I definitely learned alot. I will make it again with fall colors this week, stay tuned for pics. I also made my friend Anna a little baby gift of a lap blanket, burp cloth, and two bibs with dinosaur camo for hew little guy Holden who we will all get to meet in December. Tre got a bib too, he's modeling it here.

This is hand embroidery and somethign called "freehand quilting"

I made a pocket to fit the diapers and wipes. In my next one I will make this a zipper pouch so I can just grab it and go!
Here is Tre's dino bib. I just used a bib we have for a pattern!

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