Sunday, September 9, 2007

We shall soar on eagles wings...

Today we made it official. We announced to the kids at youth group and to all services this weekend that we are helping the church look for a new youth pastor. David and I have been talking and praying about his now for several months along with our pastor and executive pastor.

The best way I have heard it put is how pastor JR said it in the 9 am services this, "If we could duplicate David we would, that way he could build his business and the youth, but we can't. And he has decided to focus on his business right now."

This was such a long decision making process for us. We know that God is doing many things in our hearts that we know don't fit into the "youth pastor" role. The dreams he has given us to be able to give into his kingdom, the passion he has put in our hearts for missions, and for being able to be a blessing to people on many different levels that just isn't possible in the position we are in now.

The church is trying to figure out a way to keep David around, he will probably be speaking more on the weekends for Pastor JR and doing more of that. But there is nothing in concrete yet.

We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives. We believe that God takes us from glory to glory and therefore the youth group is only going to get better; more presence, power, and anointing. And same in our lives. This is a big step going out on our own...

Tre is going to our friend Laurie's house once a week so that I can help David with the business. We are trying to focus on developing the aircraft management side of our business. I am also working on launching our business website. As soon as I get there I will put up a link!

Pray for God's grace to just cover this transition as he has been doing thus far. Pray for the new person, whomever this might be, pray that we would find them fast and they would be the perfect fit for our church. And pray that our business is blessed!

Here is a link to the youth site, right on the top is a box that says "PD's announcement" click on that and you can read the letter David wrote to the church.

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  1. Because we don't have kids in the youth my initial reaction was, "but then he won't get to preach anymore!" Then I read on... :) I'm glad you'll both still be around and am excited to hear that something may work out for him to preach more on Sundays. I have saved nearly all his messages b/c they usually are just what I need to hear. Good for you guys to take this huge step of faith. We'll be praying for you as you move forward!