Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yesterday was Tre's surgery. They repaired his hypospadias and circumsised him. Needless to say it has (so far) been the easiest surgery yet! We got there at around 6 am, we had all the same nurses from his last surgery and they remembered us, so that made it fun too! He went into surgery by 8:30, and David went back for anesthesia. He was done by 9"15 and we went back befor he even woke up. WHen he woke up he just tore the oxygen mask off, sat straight up, and looked at the nurse and said, "hello?", then he looked at us and tried to climb out of the bed, IV's and all! And he hasn't stopped since. Less than an hour later we were released and home by 10:30! He had a spinal block which helped with his pain yesterday, and I was administering pain meds every four hours around the clock, which will continue for the next few days! But he has been his normal self. Whatever your praying, keep praying that cause so far this has been a non-event! Praise God! Here are some pics from the surgery!

This is Tre trying to drive the hospital bed while we were waiting for the surgeons.

David and Tre going back for surgery!

Tre after he woke up!

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