Friday, December 9, 2011

Baby Update

So we did the amnio.
We went back to the perinatologist. They had recently received blood work results from me that show that my CMV infection was only, at the most, three months old. But since they couldn't find the DNA of the virus in my blood currently, they thought maybe I had had it earlier on in my pregnancy, so they were suddenly worried about the baby again.

They did an ultrasound, and she looked/measured/moved perfectly. But the odds were still there. (side note she was sucking on the umbilical cord and playing with it the whole time, you can see in the pics, she is squished up against the placenta, that's why her face is smashed:) So they told us all the numbers again, this percentage, that percentage, these complications, etc. And if CMV does pass the placenta and the baby is exposed, these percentages are not just while in-utero, the complications can show up as far as six years after birth.

But we really have had such a peace about it. And they were very good about not pressuring us in any way. We had several options.

But as we were getting ready to leave I just heard that whisper, God just whispered, "Get the amnio. I want to release this from you, forever. I will protect her." (I was so against the amnio because i didn't want to knowingly add any risk to this already tumultuous pregnancy.)

I was ALWAYS against the amnio. But when I heard this, I knew I was suppose to get it. So David and I went to Starbucks, I told him what I'd heard, and he is a great husband, and so he encouraged me to do it. We called them back and they said, "Okay come in right now."

So we did, we had an hour before David's V-Day, as he so affectionately calls it. So we went in, it was a very non-eventful procedure, and then off we went to the next big procedure of the day (David's vasectomy).

They told us it would be at least a week until we got our results back from the amnio.

Yesterday we got the call, it had only taken two days.

And they were negative, the baby was not exposed to CMV, the virus did not cross the placenta, she is safe!

So from here on out I'm hoping we can leave her alone to finish her cooking, we'll see her again in a few short months... March is not far away.


  1. GREAT NEWS!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys!!! I will keep praying that she continues to be healthy. :) Happy day!

  2. What a blessing! Praise God. And what great little pictures of her.

  3. Amanda, I am so happy for you. She is beautiful. Praying for an uneventful rest of your pregnancy.

  4. What amazing news!! I am so so glad and relieved for you guys!

  5. Praise the Lord, how sweet it is to hear from God.