Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well, my groove is off. Summer has officially begun. And now when I used to blog, I have a very hilariously inquisitive four year old who I get to spend a little quality time with before the dreaded kindergarden begins in a few short months. So I am trying to eat up every moment I can with this guy during naps.
Thus blogging has slowed.
And honestly, there is so much HUGE stuff going on right now with Nugget and Lulu and their case that I have nothing to say on here that matters, because we are awaiting some very BIG decisions that are being made tomorrow and another a few weeks later. And honestly, nothing really seems important or worthy enough to blog about until we know the fate of our family...

BUT, on that note, I did find out yesterday that our friends got approved to become a foster-to-adopt family with our same county, and that is so exciting! And I am going again to night to speak to another room full of potential foster parents! And I do love that...

But, if you do think of us tomorrow, please pray for favor with the judge as an important (but not necessarily life-altering) decision will be made tomorrow, and then another HUGE trial will occur on June 20th.

I will get back into the swing of things around this old blog here...
And on that note, here are a few pictures from our week away in the mountains!

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