Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have been failing at many things lately. Mostly, it's parenting.
But also, I bought natural toilet paper... FAIL! (Trust me, it's AWFUL!)
And also, I forgot my husband was sick for the last ten days, and ignored him... FAIL.

Today my mom came to take the boys to swim lessons while I took the babies to their visit. When I returned I could tell it did not go well, the boys were disastrous. She was calling them "Thing 1 and Thing 2" at that point. She also had a list of their indiscretions to relay. Then we went to lunch, and both of them made loud comments about a large man who came and sat down next to us! (MORTIFYING!)

And really this has been the trend. I am failing.
(Thing 1 and Thing 2)
And to make matters worse, we are leaving on a 24-hour car ride in a few days! No, that wasn't a typo, we're heading to the farm soon, which is SOOO fun.
We're driving!
Any advice on how to keep four children under four, two adults, and a dog happy while we trek across the country? (Yes, the dog is coming too! It is going to be a disaster!)


  1. HAHA, you are not a failure, you are a mom in the trenches and I TOTALLY understand that frustration and the failure feeling! I have had my own mother make similar comments, I have heard all sorts of horribly embarrassing things escape my children's mouths, I have wondered WHY on EARTH did got allow ME to have kids. Honey, hang in there, you are amazing and Thing 1 and Thing 2 are going to grow to be wonderful young men, just keep loving and teaching them, day in day out as you are.

  2. You are a rockstar! In 5 years you will be sitting at soccer and baseball laughing about these days.

  3. Love the above advice. Just one more thing to add. When all else fails get ear plugs and a glass of wine:) Hang in there!

  4. One word: "Benadryl"

    Kidding of course. Or am I? You are doing a great job. Motherhood is the most humbling and hardest experience in the world. We all fail every now and then, but you aren't failing as a mother. You are just a mother like the rest of us who occassionally has bratty kids.

  5. The last comment is from Aron, not Rob.....but I didn't realize I was signed in under his Google account. :)

  6. Love you. You have got to find a word other than failure...you are the furthest thing say from that...and I don't really like you talkin about my friend that way.
    As for the 24 hour car trip...we did a long trip last summer with three kiddos...we researched and found amazing stops that were fun for the kids...we went to lots of parks, a few spray grounds, and a few national parks. Lots of snacks and a change of clothes for everyone.

  7. Remember, my beautiful vagabond, you are working with 2 1/2 years of D's life you had zero control over.
    Everytime i am with my precious Thing 1 and Thing 2, i see myriads of successes. And they have your love of life, and endless energy that I do not... LYI, Oma (And wrapped up

  8. oh yeah, meant to say wrapped up presents, like you used to do for Tre on plane trips, you might be able to bribe some good behavior out of them with a bag o' presents. let me know some things to get and i will get and wrap them. Mom