Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Burn out

Parenting is hard work.
I mean really hard.
How do you teach your children to be respectful, of you, of others, of property, of animals?
How do you teach your children to obey right away, and give them a voice?
How do you teach your children, that despite their pasts, their future is bright?
How do you teach your children to trust, when no one has ever been trustworthy toward them?
How do you instill dignity and worth in a child who has been abused and neglected by those who are suppose to protect and hear them?
How do you teach a two year old to cover her mouth when she coughs?

Some days this gets overwhelming. And its because this is suppose to be happening in the midst of cleaning up, and diaper changes, and driving to visits, and doctors appointments, laundry, and life... these lessons have to be taught, or caught, while I am doing lot's of other things.

Today I called David, "S.O.S What do I do?"
These calls happen occasionally, if he doesn't answer, Laurie is next. Sometimes I am stumped. These kids are hard to figure out, how do I respond to this, or this? How do I talk about this?

Sometimes I realize I am making decisions based on my sanity rather than on what is best for my children's long term character development:)
And I am sure that is not the best... but it's the best I have on some days.

I realize that there are lessons and character issues being instilled now, in my four, three, and two year old.

So some nights I tell David that Nugget and I are headed to the beach, we'll be back when he has got the rest of this figured out...
You can find us in the sand.

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