Monday, January 10, 2011

Four 33 pounders.

So right now we have four boys, they all weigh 33 pounds.
Three of them are 2.5 year olds.
Two of them have no language, just screaming and grunting, and hitting.
Two of them have to much language. (Like curse words and extreme dramatics!)
They all wear the same size diaper:) But that's a lot of diapers.
After each meal I have to run the dishwasher. We don't have enough forks otherwise.
They drink a lot of juice.
And they eat a lot of food.
And if they aren't supervised for even three minutes, something very bad happens....
Like when I peed the other day and one of them got a bloody nose.
Or just a few minutes ago when I went upstairs to grab the phone, when I came down they had found glitter glue (which I have been looking for for months!), two of them were coated, and so were many blankets and toys:)

Two of them just went to my heros house for a few hours! Maybe all day??

And then my friend dropped off her two girls. She said she felt so bad, she has to go to the dentist. I assured her that any day I would trade these two older girls for two of my boys, any time!

The girls are right now straightening the city table, and telling the two boys to quiet down:)

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  1. Wow! You have your hands full! You are like supermom:) We should probably make you a cape.