Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Synapsis 2010

Simple was this years theme.We had an amazing day.

My parents came over with Grandma, and we spent all day just bumming around the house. We had a great brunch, and took most of the morning to open presents. The boys would open one, then want to play with it, so we didn't force them to sit and open all of them, we did it in waves, with a brunch break in the middle. It was perfect.

There was a lot of war. (Notice Grandma has a dagger and grenade! She played with the boys all day, and it was a hoot!)

And city planning.
And baking.
And we ended the day with a trip to our favorite sushi place, John Holly's. Tre and D both LOVE sushi, and Singapore Street Noodles!
Christmas was a great success. We hope you had a blessed Christmas day as well!

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    I wanna go next time.