Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thankfulness is something that we remind ourselves of often... especially lately. I think it's because we are right where God wants us, and it is so hard, and we are so thankful, for every bit of it.

Yesterday was a big court date for Super D, and it went great. We asked everyone to pray, and as a result, God intervened and he had a great day yesterday and he was protected from what I feared would put us back several weeks of progress and truly confuse and hurt him more. We are so thankful.

Here are some of the things i am thankful for this morning...
1. My friends and family, who are so supportive and loving, they are THE best!
I had a friend bring me bread and two kinds of cheese and chocolate wine this week, because they knew I was having a bad day! And I had another friend who dropped everything, including her three children, to meet me for coffee, and I slept right through it (on this same really bad day), and she still loved me!
2. My husband, he makes me feel so special and truly inspires me in my walk with God, and he is the BEST dad!
3. My boys, they truly bring me such joy and pride, they are both beautiful inside and out. I think they are both so special and I am so proud of them.
4. Our purple house that I love so much and am so grateful for each day, living somewhere you love is so important, and I used to think it wasn't, I used to think it was excessive, but I love our home and our town, it is dreamy!
5. God! (This isn't in order okay!) I feel like all of the things I have listed are because of Him. He has blessed us beyond measure, He has filled up our cups, and He has miraculously provided.

Today I feel somewhat like I think the pilgrims felt on their first thanksgiving, with their new friends around them, so thankful to God, realizing that without Him and without their friends and family they would have made it, they wouldn't be alive... That is us this thanksgiving so grateful for our friends and family and for our God.

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  1. And I am thankful for you!!! Your heart is beautiful.