Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Launch

So today is the launch of the new non-profit agency The Adventure Project! What we've been working on!!!!

This is an agency that my good friend Jody Landers and her friend Becky Straw have put together. Here is a little bit about it (from Jody):

Becky Straw (formerly with charity: water) and I met in Liberia. She quickly become a hero/mentor/friend. (More coming soon on our complete opposite lives and the hilarity of the grassroots nature of this start-up.)

Over the past several months, Becky and Jody have joined forces. We believed in a vision that would engage a movement of poverty-fighters to support a different kind of giving. A generosity that preserves the dignity of the poor. Solutions that save lives and create jobs.

Becky is smart. She has traveled extensively. She helped build charity: water from the beginning. She has consulted for UNICEF and various other non-profits.

She knows what works and what doesn’t. She is driven by compassion and knowledge. She’s the real deal.

And I just know. I know that there are many of you just like me. We want to do something. We want to be involved in seeing extreme poverty eliminated in our lifetimes. We care. Our hearts break. Our hands long for action. And sometimes…sometimes we just need to be directed. We need our energy channeled so we can make wise choices. So that we can invest in a world change that is sustainable and not only “feels good” to us but also “does good” for the poor.

So we’re coming together. To bring the solutions. The world’s greatest social ventures…that save lives, create jobs, preserve dignity. And then provide the opportunity for us all to be involved.

We don’t want to go alone. So we building a team. A movement. A Tribe. With others who share our passion and vision. Then moving full force toward the battle line to wage a new war on poverty.


So let’s just walk through this whole, exciting, life-changing launch.

Here’s the website:



How You Can Help:

There are lots of ways to join us:

–There is a place to join the Tribe. (That's what I did. I am a tribe member:)

–Learn about our first partnership in Haiti: The Coal Project. It’s amazing. I love it. (There will be 4 projects yearly, one per quarter).

–Buy a Box of Coal. Perfect for stuffing stockings. Or hostess gifts. Fun way to educate and advocate and change the lives of families in Haiti. Each box of coal sold helps provide a fuel-efficient stove for a family in Haiti. And you can learn here what a big deal that is.

IMG_7469.jpg \coal box logo.jpg

–Follow us on Twitter. Find us on Facebook.

–Help us spread the word. There is no grand or corporate plan at this point. The plan begins with us.. The Moms and Dads and college students and teachers and businessmen. The grandparents and elementary kids. The professional and the stay at home parents. All people…people who want to do something. The people who understand the tension. Believe in our responsibility. And believe in the value and dignity of those who struggle around the world. We are the voices that will drive this message to the world.

So we need you to help us spread the word. If this resonates with you…blog, tweet, facebook, email. We need you. We are about to start making some noise….

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