Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tre's First Interior Design Project

Tre has been planning how he wants to decorate for Halloween. Something I've never really been into, he planned out the whole front porch, and then he started his thinking on his room. Most of this involves, spiders, webs, rats, and pumpkin scarecrows.

Well, the other day we made a trip to Walmart and he asked to go look at the Halloween decorations, so I reluctantly went over. When he started picking things out and putting them in the cart, I started in on my usual response, "Tre if you'd like to buy those things, you will need to bring your money." He responded, "Don't worry, I have my money right here, and he whipped out all of his allowance money from his pocket! The he proceeded to tell me his budget. "I am looking for things that are one dollar. I need five things that are one dollar." And to town he went.

When we got home he began his project, and here it is...

This is his lamp, which he tore a hole in and put a black light bulb, he said the tear makes it look "spooky", I didn't know about this part, till the reveal. I couldn't be mad, he is so creative!
I am so proud.

(He's wearing the helmet to his soldier costume that he got for Halloween!)

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  1. Okay, so I (Oma) am very proud that he has already picked up some fine budgeting skills and discernment. On the other hand, you can tell Tre i might not be able to go into his room until the Giant Spider is gone!