Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today was Tre's first week anniversary of being in school. All three of his teachers greeted me at the door. They wanted to share a few Treisms.

1. A kid was shooting baskets and kept missing and the teacher said, "Eduardo, you have to keep practicing." and Tre replied, "You need to be persistent. Persistence is what will get you far in life Eduardo."

2. They were singing wheels on the bus, and Tre was rolling his eyes and not moving his "wheels" very fast. The special ed. teacher said, "Come on Tre, move those wheels." and he replied, "My bus is stuck in traffic and wishes we could change the radio station."

3. And lastly... Tre sat down on the playground and was dumping the rocks out of his Crocs. He was struggling to get them back on and he turned to all the teachers and said, "Does anyone have a shoe horn I could use to get this Croc back on?"

Treisms from the first week of school!


  1. Hilarious! Tre is too funny, and oh-so delightful! What a wonderful kiddo you have. :)

  2. Oh my... his teachers are going to have a great year with him. Too funny! I like #2... he's so witty.