Friday, August 13, 2010

Treism: Balderdash

This was a Balderdash moment...

We're driving down the highway, and I reach back and tickle Tre's leg, repeatedly.

He is laughing the silent laugh.

He finally says, "You are making me jikser sick!"
Me recognizing this "term" as he uses it occasionally...
"What is jikser sick?"

Tre responds in an ever-so matter of fact tone,
"When you tickle me so hard I can't breathe and then I get the hiccups."

Jickser Sick.

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  1. Hey Amanda! I hope that David is feeling better for your sake :) It was so much fun to read your entries and get to know you better since I missed out on it when we were in Denver. I need to learn to be as diligent at making posts on my blog.