Monday, August 2, 2010

Things I am Loving Right Now~

Here are some things I am enjoying...

1. This blog, a gorgeous woman, with such talent, and currently she is chronicling her recent rip to France and her stay in a villa (she is also a wonderful photographer and her pictures of the trip are so yummy)! Love!

2. Bethanney Getting Married, a reality show that I love. You can knock me if you want, but she makes me laugh like no other, and her brutal sense of reality, and all of the emotions and things she has crammed into the past few months make for such an amazing show! (Seriously, I don't laugh out loud on any TV show, on this one, I am dying laughing!)

3. Billy Fish. He's a dog we met at our local coffee shop. He's a Newfoundland, I want one now! I have to brush Scout everyday for two months, then we can talk about it... I started August 1st. So Sept. 30th, we'll be talking. They're huge, 140 lbs. for males, but they are the calmest most amazing dogs. (Remember Nanny in Peter Pan? This is her!)

4. I am renewing my crafting, getting ready for my fall line launch. I have really been enjoying it. Especially this book! I have been trying my hand at embroidery.

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