Thursday, August 26, 2010


My bestie from high school is an amazing wedding photographer. She did my sister's wedding as a gift to our family, and I am still jealous, and it has been several years now... (she was IN my wedding, so it wasn't an option, but I think I should have kicked her out so she could have taken the pics.)

She took some pictures for me of some of my stuff for my store when she was here, since my camera is broken, I mean I could totally take pictures this good if I had my camera! (Please note the utter sarcasm here!)

Katie has a blog, its beautiful, some days I put on music and just watch her home page, because her photography is that amazing, check it out here!

I love her, forever, she's my bestie.

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  1. Amanda you're so amazing! I'm seriously sitting here drinking my coffee before I have to get into wedding mode bawling my eyes out!!! I miss you so much and can't wait to get you out here:) LOVE YOU and thank you for the amazing blog post!