Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am old, and a sneak peek!

I've been working away, and loving it!
Here is a sneak peek at some of the tea towels that will be in my shop! And available at Magpie too!
(I am so sorry about the pics, it's back to my phone for a while:( )
I also just dropped Tre off at his first day of preschool, year two!
And I had my first, "I am old" moment. These have sortof been sneaking up on me lately, the first was when I realized that I am now older than all the Denver Broncos, and Nuggets, and any sports player for that matter!

And then today, Tre's teacher so nicely says, "Is your husband David Purvis, as in the one who was the youth pastor at The Rock?"

"Ummmm.... yes!"

Ms. Katie, "Wow! I went to youth group there in high school and loved it!"

Me, inside, "Ahhhhhh! A student of ours is now Tre's teacher! I am old!"

And in other, I am old news.
I joined Slimgenics. I start on Monday. I paid them a lot of money, and they guaranteed that I would loose 16 pounds!

(Tre so nicely took this picture during my meeting with the weight counselor, it is a large piece of fat, it's five pounds of fat, I will be loosing three of these.)

I'm old.


  1. how much is slim genics?

    Don't for get that these will be available in Magpie too!

    where and when do you go there?
    Im older than you by a smidge.

  2. Hey! I have a bowl just like that!