Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tre's new room.

So here is Tre's new room. It is not finished, the finishing touches are coming, but I have been promising pics for too long to not deliver!

The room is inspired from the WWII era. His bed is an old bunker
bed that I covered in rope. I made a piece of wanna be nose art from a WWII plane and hung it on the wall.

Over his bed there are old chalks from the airport where his Dad works, they p
lace these around the wheels of airplanes when they are parked.
His shelves are full of pictures of David and I as youngsters, his grandfather's pilot hat, and model airplanes that represent some of the planes that his grandfather (David V. Purvis Sr.) flew.

This trunk I found at an outdoor market, look at the paper I found
inside it! I am going to frame this in his closet!

The gas tank next to is is an old army gas tank, I am hoping to make this a lamp.

This school desk I found at a garage sale, the bottom drawer opens, and it is full of Tre;s army guys. The helmet I found at Army Surplus, it is an old Russian star helmet, worn during WWII!

And my favorite part, is this picture. I found the poster at the Carnegie Science Center on our trip to Pittsburgh. I had it custom framed in the most ornate frame I could find, then lacquered it in this bright red!

There are still finishing touches, but you get the idea now!