Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Farm

We do love our town. With that said, we love the farm too.
David grew up on a family farm in Western Pennsylvania. It is wonderful to go visit. The farm is gorgeous, and everything that we don't have here. But also it wonderful to be with family and friends.
This trip was special because David and I got to go to a wonderful wedding from some friends and clients here in Denver who happened to be getting married in Pennsylvania. It was so fun!
Most of the family, by Pa's pond, which he has stocked FULL for grandchildren's fishing pleasure!
After the wedding we spent the next week just enjoying family, friends, and Pennsylvania. The only downside to going to visit the farm is that half of our family is
depressed when we return home... Tre and Scout. They both mop aroun
d for at least a week upon our return, and both ask for the farm multiple times a day. (Although Scout doesn't use words, he wines and cries lot's when we return.)
This is where Cole and Tre spent most everyday, in the "Ranger" that they drove all over the farm and woods, this little machine can zip, it is basically like a kids four wheeler, very fun! This picture you see was a one time thing. Tre driving that is, because shortly after this picture we realized that he had no idea how to drive, what brakes were, how to stop, or how to steer, it resulted in several low impact crashes, and then him being removed from the drivers seat for the remainder of our visit :)
(Although he really looks like he knows what he's doing!)

This year was no different, we enjoyed the pool, and the tractors, and the chickens, and the horses, we enjoyed all of our friends, and we enjoyed the time with our family.

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