Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Husband

He's really smart. And God really uses him to make things clear! He just wrote this on his blog, and I think John Maxwell might want to use his ideas for his next book, or maybe David will use them for his own! If you manage people, or you get managed, you should read it.

He also spoke at our church two weekends ago. And people are still calling our house wanting copies of his message, and his notes, he is truly amazing, and I am still not sure why he ever wanted to marry me... but he's stuck now! (Hopefully there will be a link soon that I can direct you toward to listen to his message, if you really want to catch it, which I think EVERYONE should, cause it changed A LOT of lives, ask me, and I'll sen you a CD!)

As you can see by his photo, he influences extremely powerful people... daily!

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