Friday, January 1, 2010

Family Letter

I sent this out, but not to people I regularly see. So if you were left out, that's because I expect you know this stuff OR I don't have your address, so email it to me! But here it is, our year:

Dear Friend’s and Family, December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Purvis’! We are doing well and so excited about what the year 2010 has for all of us. Here is a little update on what we’re up to.

Tre is now three and a half. He is in preschool four mornings a week and really loving it. It is a classroom that has

a teacher and assistant along with a different specialist each day, including a speech therapist, occupational therapist, etc. They all work with the kids, including Tre on different goals. One day I went to pick him up and was standing in line with the other parents, Tre started waving at me. And one of the dads says,”Oh, are you Tre’s mom?” I was a little nervous to reply, “yes” as he and all of the other parents proceeded to tell me how each of their kids talk about Tre every day after school and how funny he is. So apparently we already have a class clown! He is getting d

rums from Santa Claus for Christmas, this should be a new era in our home! He will be getting drum lessons at a shop down the street. Really, this was inevita

ble, since he has been drumming and keeping a beat since he was about nine months old.

On another front, we recently moved. We have been wanting to move to Castle Rock for about six years and finally did! We have a wonderful little house in the old town. We can walk to everything and our house backs to the community park with basketball courts, a pool, tennis courts, and a large playground. We are close to our church and our church friends now and feel like we are exactly where we’re supposed to be! It is a town that reminds David of Mars, his home town, it is very small and close knit with local shops and a real community feel. We live in a purple house, which was a bit of a stretch for David at first, but now I think he loves it. We affectionately refer to our new home as the “Purple Purvis Palace.”

Our most exciting news is that our adoption is moving right along. We have completed our home study and are ready to send everything to Ethiopia. We need about $2,000 more before we can send everything. We are very excited and are hoping to receive a match this summer! If you would like to help us in any way, prayer, monetary gifts, or travel support, just let us know. And remember if you would like to give and have it be a tax deduction you may send checks to: Vision Ministries P.O. Box 1047 Mars, PA 16046 and please write “Adoption AId E-101” in the memo to ensure we receive your funds!

VisionAir is doing wonderfully, we got our first office space this year right at the center of the airport! It looks out on to the lobby and into the restaurant. David is getting to fly bigger airplanes and is close to finishing his ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) rating! God is continuing to bless our company as we lean on Him. David has also been speaking at our church about quarterly. He really enjoys these bits of ministry that God has blessed him with.

I, Amanda, have been very busy. I am in school full time finishing up my degree in Social Work. I will graduate in May if everything goes as planned! I am also doing an internship for my school. I am working at a local county in the child protection unit. I am the “hospital liaison.” All this means is that I take any suspected child abuse case that is referred from the hospital. This is a very challenging job, I am learning so much, enjoying working with other professionals, and crying a lot! I was also working part time at a local residential treatment unit, unfortunately I was assaulted at work and have been out now for two months as a result of my injuries. I am doing okay, I have a torn disc in my neck, but otherwise am enjoying the time off since I am so busy!

We pray that each of you have an amazing 2010 and continue to seek out God’s best for your family’s. We look forward to seeing you and your family’s.


The Purvis’

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