Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here she is.

I wanted to post the pic of our new house. We begin move in tomorrow. We are so excited. 
In the mean time, we have had our first blizzard of the season, which lost it's fun because I got beat up at work so we couldn't go out and play in it! Yes, you read right, I got beat up. On Tuesday a client went a little crazy and I ended up getting hurt! I was in the ER on tuesday night when the blizzard began, then my parents picked me up the next morning and Tre and I sat inside on the couch until yesterday, when I ventured out to the doctor! Good news is, I am feeling A LOT better. I have a sprained neck, wrist, and ankle, a displaced jaw, and torn sternum. I got a few days off work, which is great, but i can't even do anything while I'm off to catch up. Thank God, we have amazing friends and family who are going to help us with the move, cause lifting boxes might be a few weeks out for me!


  1. Your house is beautiful! Have fun filling it with many wonderful memories : )

  2. is it purple??? it doesn't look it from the picture but it looks beautiful :) When do you guys move in? If you need help moving let me know!