Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Officially a Slacker

So the big surprise was that we have a new website. But I started school, am working, redoing our upstairs, and trying to be a mom. Needless to say I am a little bit overwhelmed. So, I am done with summer classes August first, and my goal is to get our new website up and running. I thought it would be easy, I was sorely mistaken! But, we have been having lot's of fun in spite of our busyness. We had a weekend away in Steamboat to celebrate David for father's day, we rode bikes all around, ate lot's of good food, saw beautiful colorado mountains in the spring, and had fun with friends. Work has been getting increasingly demanding for me, I love it, but am not liking the time it is taking from our family. On Sunday-Monday of this week I was at work at 4 pm Sunday and didn't get home until 6 am on Monday morning. An exciting time! I really wouldn't wanted to have had anyone else there doing what I did, but I know it's too much for us right now. We'll see what happens. Good times, enjoying summer, and Tre is almost Tre! I can't believe it! 

We are off to South Dakota for a 4th of July family celebration (go Butler's and used-to-be-Butler's) at Mount Rushmore tomorrow after my morning class. Should be a Griswald, I mean great, time! Pictures to come! 

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