Sunday, May 10, 2009

Although it has been rainy and cold here for quite some time. We are preparing for warmer weather. Thus the hair cut. 
We are headed to the sea shore in a few days to enjoy some sun and water! But, right now David is REALLY sick!  And Tre has been up all night for several nights in a row because he is so excited to go to the beach. Last night I found him attempting to drag our HUGE suitcase up the stairs! He came into our room almost every twenty minutes or so on Thursday in order to let us know he was ready to go to the beach! 
We have a huge announcement when we come home. So be looking back in about a week or so! Be excited, we sure are!

(Pic is of Tre and I on the train on the way to my school, I forgot how expensive books are!)

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  1. okay now you're just tormenting me... I know you're back... so where's the news!? :)