Sunday, April 12, 2009

Life with a cast.

Life with a cast was fun:

But life without is much better! (picture below a little gross, from right when he got his cast off.)
That's right, it's already been four weeks (almost, we snuck it off a little early!) Tre got his cast of on Friday. He was so excited. His hand looks great.  The black stuff from that picture is gone now and he just has a pink scar. He is showing no signs of pain and learning how to use his hand again, in a new way! He was so excited to get his cast off, we had a swim party with Tre's favorite friend Blake. It was a blast!  (side note: Brittlee and I spent most of our time in the hot tub, so this pic was taken by David)
He also took a two hour bath, and I bet anyone who knows him knows the FIRST thing he wanted to do... DRUM! He has been a drumming fool ever since friday. 

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