Saturday, November 29, 2008

Things that have changed my life

1. pandora
Have you heard of it? It is a great online (and iphone app) where you say a song you like and it will make a radio station of similar artists and songs. It is amazing, it is on my phone and my computer, and there are few moments I don't have it on. Right now I have the "Holiday" play list with artists like Dave Matthew, Cheryl Crow, Barenaked Ladis, Rebecca St. James, etc. It saves all the stations you create, so depending on your mood they're waiting for you. I have my "Chasing Pavements station for when Tre is napping, with soft, vocal, female sounds. And you get the idea, right? I love it so much because it's free and instead of downloading songs, it is always new songs, so you never get tired of what you have on!
2. My mom's pumpkin cookie, I just keep the dough in the fridge at all times and bake a few every day! They're amazing!
3. Jones all natural pure cane sugar Cream Soda, they just came out with a lot of their sodas in can form! Yay! I don't drink soda a ton, but when I do this is such a treat. 
4. "Man Whores", now don't freak out, this isn't what you think. I have this little gingerbread man shaped fleece thing full of rice and herbs, you heat it in the microwave and it stays warm for an hour or so. I can not live without him in the winter. I am truly addicted. I bring him to work, to bed, to church, the car, everywhere! This is why David calls him my man whore, he's jealous if you can't tell! My collection has grown and I now have several of these divine creatures in all shapes and sizes. And I suggest you get one, or five, they'll change your life!
5. Etsy. An online community for all things handmade. For anyone I am buying a gift this year, which is few and far between because I am mostly giving Water for Christmas, it is coming from etsy. I could sit all day and explore etsy, the amazing creativity out there, the inspiration and joy it brings. The feeling of complete satisfaction when you find the perfect thing, etc! I just love it! Lately I have been into all the wall words. I decorated lot's with them for Christmas! Like this one
6. Word of the day screen saver, I need to improve my vocabulary vastly, and this is helping! 

So what's changed your life lately? Any cool things I should know about? 

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