Monday, November 17, 2008

Still no camera, but lots of action.

What do I do if I really lost it? I have this sneaking suspicion that it got stolen at work. But I haven't even had it a year, and it was special, and blue, and fun! I am starting to get worried. But there is still hope, my house is a mess, and maybe if I clean it (organize it is more like it) I will find it beneath the 40 books that were once stored in my bed side table that are now piled on my desk, or under the box full of quilting materials I have been endlessly working on, or under the fine silver platters my mom so graciously handed down to me. It's here, somewhere... I hope. But there has been lot's of fun around here. Most of it I can't talk about yet. But some of it I can. I finished our bed room, another quilt, bought my dream rug, and am planning on refinishing our floors soon! David has been very busy at work, and was gone this weekend. So my parents had Tre last night and today so I could work. Guess what Tre did? He went to the zoo for a class for two year olds on what animals eat. I called my mom to ask her how it was. This was her response.: "Everyone in the class all sat down and listened so well, they were quiet, and sat there. I think Tre thought it was a dance class though, he kept going up in front of everyone and dancing. I'm not really use to having a kid like that." My response was, "Were all the kids two or was he the youngest?" "No, they were all two." replied mom (no sarcasm in her tone at all, really.)
"Hmmmm." I said. 
"I guess that's why I'm gonna have to home school him for a while, there is no WAY he can go to school quiet yet, they'll put him on Ridilin!"
end of conversation. 
I wonder what it's like to have a two year od that sits quietly and listens to grown ups talk for thirty minutes....

Well while I ponder what life might be like, here are a few pictures from pre-camera loss.

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