Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Wins

Barack Obama wins! Although I didn't vote for him for several reasons. I am still very excited that our country has elected our first African-American president. What an exciting time for our country, our children, and our future. I can't help but think of Michelle... as a woman of a very busy man, who is very important, although not the president of the United States- he's important to me, I can't imagine life for her and their family. This picture is very poignant.
Just trying to grab a moment together. I can't imagine trying to raise two young girls and be the wife of the president of the united states. Campaigning was probably so hard and so trying although worth it. Now she has at least four years ahead of her as the first lady, wife to the president, and mom to two girls! I am praying for her, and our new president. Like Elizabeth Hasselback (one of my heroes) said on the view: "I am now joining the line of his supporters. I might not have been the first. But I am an American and I support our new president." (I para-phrased that, she was much more eloquent.)

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