Saturday, October 18, 2008

Worker's Comp anyone?

So our friend Ben often writes about the silliness that goes on behind the closed doors of his corporation. Here's one for ya, from my work place. 

A girl in our cottage has come down with something called MRSA (pronounced mir-sah). Basically it is a bad staff infection that is almost impossible to cure. It is contracted through a variety of methods, ,the normal, as well as just breathing the air, touching the clothes, touching a machine that has touched the clothes, etc. Main point being- IT IS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS, in fact an estimated 10% of people who get it die! So it is serious as well. In hospitals the way they deal with it is by isolating the patient, and anyone who does come in contact with them must wear full gowns, masks, gloves etc, and wash off immediately afterwards. 

So what did my employer do when they found out? They sent her back to cottage and gave us a bottle of Dial soap and told us to wash our hands... WHAT?????!!!!!!! Needless to say, my hands are raw, and we went out and bought lysol spray, and clorox wipes. I just can't believe that she is back in cottage with 17 other girls. Oh and because of HIPPA we can't tell anyone she has it! So, the girls are clueless, and she is walking around with a nasty pussing thumb!!! (Yes thumb, no it couldn't be on her neck or her back or her foot, it is of course on her thumb!) They all thought I was crazy for making them use anti-bacterial before dinner and snack, if only they knew. 

So Ben, I hear you on the silly workplace practices! Now I am going to pray that verse over me about eating poison and not dying, before I go to bed. And yes, I am lysoling the keyboard! 


  1. wow. Well God forbid that she loses her thumb but if she does, I'm sure that I can have my company send out a lost and found email. That's crazy!

  2. That is nuts. We just got rid of MRSA at our house and it was very hard to do.

    What a mess.