Wednesday, August 13, 2008

working wednesday

Well, with my new job comes lot's of entertaining stories. So I am initiating something called working wednesday. Every Wednesday I will tell a story from work. Names and identities will be changed for the sake of anonymity. 
As previously mentioned some of our girls are developmentally delayed. Today's story is about "Alyssa"
On Sunday nights the girls cook their own dinner. We are trying to help them learn how to cook, how to plan for meals, how to budget, grocery shop, etc. So Sunday nights they each cook their own dinner. This alone is a huge feat. Try to imagine two small kitchens, each with nine girls in them. Each trying to cook something completely different. Now add in personality disorders, anger, etc. Now add in the fact that they have to check out whatever they might need, knives are locked up, pots are locked up, etc. 
Okay, so Alyssa, who is a little slow is cooking her own dinner. She is making scrambled eggs. Here is what I see: SHe scrambles 6 eggs with a knife in a skillet. Dumps in a can of green peppers, and an entire onion diced up. Sets eggs to the side. Grills three hamburger patties, cuts them up and puts them on her eggs, then she dumps a can of peaches on top. Then checks out the powdered sugar and proceeds to dump about 1.5 inches of powdered sugar on top of everything! So I step in. 
Me: "Alyssa, do you know that was powdered sugar?"
Allyssa: (screaming incredibly loud, right in my face) " Don't talk to me! This is my own recipe!"
Me: "Oh! Sorry. Where did you get the recipe? I'd like to have it."
Alyssa: "I am making it up in my head, you can't have it!"
End of conversation. And  I watch her eat the entire plate. 

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  1. Ha ha ha...that is hilarious, Amanda!!! :) Sounds like your new job is interesting/entertaining!! I want the recipe too! ;)