Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back to the real world

We got home last night. It seems as if Tre had just been partying with Holley since we left. Therefore we are in recoup mode today. And when I say recoup, I am being incredibly nice. I don't think he slept much at all when we were gone. So today, if I look at him he screams and cries for at least ten minutes. If I would even dare get close enough to touch him or pick him up he is in self defense mode, trying to do as much bodily harm to me as possible. I know he's exhausted, and possibly mad at me for leaving him. It hasn't added up to a pleasant day. And my newly tanned face is now covered with scratches, both shoulder have bite marks, and two of my fingers have been bitten as well. It's like I came home to a little terror who had taken over for my sweet boy. He went to bed without lunch, after throwing three bowls of food across the room and throwing himself out of the high chair twice. Maybe he will wake up the old Tre? I am leaving my fingers crossed! (Note: Picture not taken today, it would have been to dangerous, plus I don't have a camera.)

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