Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Papa Day!

Happy (insert prefix here O, Pa, and  just)Pa Day! 
Today was father's day. A day that sort of slipped my mind honestly! In fact, my hubby is out of town, so I got everything ready for him before he left, for my father-in-law too, since David was going there. And then I had Thailand stuff all day... so much so that I was at my parents house for a good five hours, my son was there all day, we left, I came home, put Tre to bed, and started unpacking when I saw my Dad's card! I didn't even wish him a happy father's day! So I called him, at almost 9pm and wished him a happy father's day, after being with him all afternoon, and then put his card in the mail. I am so slack! 
And though I might not say it with my actions, in my heart I realize that I have three of the best Dad's in my life! 
My husband is the most incredible father and role model for Tre. I couldn't imagine our life without him. 
My dad has always been, and willf orever be, my hero! I am definitely a daddy's girl. My dad is so caring, loving, humble, and the best servant I know. And now he's even a great Opa! 
My father-in-law is such a man of god. A guy that my husband and I both look to for wisdom and guidance. A man that both my guys are named after, David Verne Purvis. 
I love you dad's! Happy father's day! 

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