Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Little Sis' Graduation!

Last night my little sis Syd graduated! It was so fun! I didn't even know this till I was reading the program but she was a lot of greek words- "summa cum laude" which means she had a 4.0! and Phi Theta Kappa- which means she was on the honor roll! I was so proud of her! She is now an official Veterinary Technician (at least after her internship this summer!) I was so proud of her. I cried when she walked in! Tre was pretty good considering the circumstances, late ngiht, no nap, in the car for hours, quite room, etc. He did have to leave once because of screaming, but all in all he did great! They had an amazing bagpipe band (I don't know if band is the right word there, clan? group?) that was phenomenal, and Tre loved them! Here's some highlights!

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  1. Thanks for being there! I love you guys so much! What a great night:)