Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sometimes life happens

I feel like lately that has been our mantra- sometimes life just happens. You know how everyone promises you that as soon as you decide to make a change, set your goals, believe for something big, stuff happens. Well, that's been us lately! But my husband has been great through everything we've been going through! He has been so positive and so strong. He is not letting anything change his attitude. Let me just give you a glance into our lives as of late:

Sunday morning- we wake up very early so I can go run the Cherry Creek Sneak, and he doesn't like getting up early but he didn't complain!  (Now here is where I would put my picture of Britt and I before the race- but I have temporarily misplaced my camera. It is probably in one of our cars, which will make sense later.) Needless to say it was very cold and Tre fell out of his stroller and hit his head bad on the road= a little road rash. But I came in at 29 minutes, so that is good! 
Sunday afternoon (actually 9 am) It was off to clean cars all day (a bright idea we had to help pay off our enormous tax bill), David asked over 100 people and we didn't get one yes! But he didn't let it get him down! But something else happened, our car broke down while we were asking people if we could clean theirs. After a long story it finally started again, we drove home, got the other car and kept going. At the end of the day- not one car was washed. So we returned all of our supplies and went and got our son. But my husband didn't let it get him down. 

Monday- nothing to spectacular

Tuesday- we take the jeep to the dealership to get a tune up and stuff, go to mac class (the best part of our day). Then low and behold our car won't start again. So David had to walk to his next appointment while I waited for the tow-truck driver (2 hours). I went to the shop with the driver and David had a client take him to his next appointment. While I am in the 1960 tow-truck, with no seat belts, air conditioning, or anything even connected to the dash at all any more, bumping along because of the flat tire (that the tow-truck got, which is a whole other story), with our broken honda on the back, I see my Jeep driving by us with a technician testing it's breaks- and yes we did have to get new breaks! It was one of those surreal moments when your think, "okay what else do you want to throw at me?! Maybe this is a joke and I am on candid camera!" As I waited in the Honda dealership with my BIG new mac on my lap. (No, this is not a lap top, but I had taken it to mac class so I had to bring it with me everywhere else after we had lost both cars.) Luckily MeMe came to the rescue and drove me home. (I had to cancel my four meetings at church, my last salsa class, and my night out, but other than that- no big deal, right?!) And now it is off to Walmart to buy a tow strap and take the honda to another place because where I had it towed is too expensive!
Just a peak into our lives!

But isn't it interesting that after our big commitment to get out of debt, start saving, and most importantly start giving like we have never given before- this is what happens. Oh well, we are staying positive thanks to my hubby, and pressing on towards the goal, to win the prize. 

I love this quote. I read it the other day in this book I am reading "Secrets of the Secret Place" by Bob Sorge. In this chapter he was talking about the secret of finding God in your quiet times as a place of refuge. 
" The closer we draw to the Lord in intimacy, the more real the warfare will be that we encounter. Francis Frangipane described it this way, ' new levels, new devils!' as the attacks increase, our cry only intensifies, "Hide me!" While the body and soul may be afflicted with increasing harassment and abuse, the spirit is finding a place of greater protection, rest, and intimacy under the shadow of the almighty (See 2 Corinthians 4:8-11)."
Therefore, I am taking all of this as a good sign. Everything that has come up against us since our decision to change our lives in the area of finances and giving. It is a good thing that the enemy is trying to discourage us, because that means God is trying to take us to the next level! Praise God! The little sacrifices and "sufferings" that we are enduring now will only prepare us for the next step. And I am excited for that! So, in the mean time if you need me- I will be "hiding" in my secret place with God, finding strength, peace, and hope!

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  1. I love you Amanda, I am so proud of your an David's strength. Let Josh and I know what we can do and call us anytime. I (We) are praying for you in this time...Like you said, find your strength in the Lord, a lot of times He is the ONLY place to find it. I love you!