Monday, April 7, 2008

Dave Ramsey

Saturday afternoon. In a sleep derived stooper (enduced from our son who has now been throwing up for five weeks straight during the night, and was up 5 hours the previous night) David and I made our way to Colorado Springs, minus Tre. We went to a Dave Ramsey conference. It was awesome! I made the comment about three times on our way there, "this better be good other wise I will fall asleep, I hope he's funny." and he was. He didn't disapoint. At one point I was laughing so hard I was in tears. But more than funny,  he is wise! We learned so much stuff on Saturday about our finances and our future. He sparked a discussion in us that will change the way we deal with money forever.  Here are a couple nuggets to chew on...
- How come this generation gets married and tries to immediately obtain the standard of living that their parents are at, when it has taken their parents 25 years to get where they're at. 
- 90% of millionaires read at least one non-fiction book a month.
- Definition of maturity- learning to delay pleasure. (WOW, that is major! Convicting much?!)
This guy is phenomenal. He is a Christian man who made mistakes and looked to the Bible to et him out of it. His principals are all biblically based and he is someone who God is blessing because of his faithfulness. 

Hopefully at your church they do "Financial Peace University", if they do... GO! If they don't, find a church who does it (for the class, I am not suggesting leaving your church)! Here is Dave's website where you can find his live event schedule here (we went to Total Money Make Over) and churches  (just put in your zip code) who have FPU! I am so excited about the foundational principals that he made come alive for us. .The things he taught us we knew, but he has a way of helping you to see the importance of doing it right! 


  1. in this picture he looks so much like Bob Holloway!

  2. oh dave ramsey.
    i am still haunted by him after completing FPU last year.

  3. I have listened to most of Dave Ramsey's FPU and for the most part liked what I hear. I like his simple approach to getting out of debt and saving for the future. That's why his plan is so successful. It might not make sense to math nerds, but it makes sense to the rest of us.