Friday, March 21, 2008

Packing Tip #1

In the midst of the rest of our hectic lives, today I am beginning to pack us for our trip to Hawaii. I thought that as I am in the process I could share some tips with you all that have helped me through the years when it comes to packing/traveling, and now packing and traveling with children! So here is Packing Tip numero uno!

When traveling with small children, toddlers on up, traveling can be a nightmare. To prevent the loud tantrums when you are forced by the FAA to make your two year old who has never sat still for more than two minutes in his whole life sit on your lap for at least 45 minutes during take off and ANOTHER 45 minutes during landing, this can help:

I buy some cheap toys before I leave, ones I know will be a hit. I wrap them in tissue paper, each individually (Make sure to remove any packaging, like for the toy plane, just wrap the plane, take it out of the packaging before you leave home!) and put half of them in a special backpack that Tre carry's. (NOTE: If you don't want to buy new toys you can always take favorites and secretly stash them away a couple weeks before the trip, this way when they open them they are so excited to have found them. I told Tre that all his tractors were going to meet him in Hawaii!) These toys are lifesavers when traveling! You still bring some regular ones. But then when you need an extra distraction you let them open a present! The fun of opening a present, tearing the tissue paper, and throwing it is at least a five minute distraction in and of its self. But then I have a baggy and I let Tre throw hoops with the trash into the baggy, and then we get to playing with the toy! It is wonderful! The key is remembering to put half of them in your checked bagage so you have this fun stuff on the way home too! 
EPIPHANY: This trick might work great for husbands too!

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