Sunday, December 16, 2007

Delicious.. yes!

Today we made carrot cake muffins. From my new favorite recipe book "Deceptively Delicious." Here is a pic of how they turned out. They have carrot, prune, apricot, orange, and cauliflower! It was fun to make and everyone liked them! I am going to start using these concepts in everything I make, so if you eat some of my food, watch out, you might be getting some extra nutrients without even knowing it!

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  1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for visiting my blog! I e-mailed you back (by hitting reply) and then realized I wasn't allowed to do that? Your little guy is great, too! Are you adopting from Sierra Leone??? My husband grew up there!!! We looked into it, but were looking for an infant adoption and it looked like mostly older kids, and the one agency we contacted had temporarily closed their program! Anyway, I'll e-mail you back on etsy right now! Take care!
    Danielle (P.S. I've heard about this cookbook. Sounds like you're sold. What a great concept!)